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The Diamond Dogs

We had a blast yesterday. We were a little late to the game, but we made it. It was close, but the Dogs won it. Here is one of my favorite pics from the day.


Spring Sports

I can't believe how fast the last two weeks have gone by. Ryan started t-ball practice and everything has been a blur since then. He has his first game tomorrow and we are very excited.
My joy is two-fold. While on one hand, it's such a milestone that my little man will be playing his first ball game. On the other hand, will be a new Nikon with hopefully it's AF-S DX VR 55-200 mm lens!
Ulterior motive. I know. But I am excited to be able to get really good shots like my friend Anissa does of her girls pictured above. Sports composites are my thing these days and I am having so much fun designing. Hopefully, with the new purchase, not only will I be able to put them together with the photos that parents give me, I will be able to come out and take photos myself for composites and shows.
Everyone wins!
Now, if someone could explain it to my husband again I would appreciate it!


Sports Cards

Playing around in Elements while finishing up a sports show for the Wildcats. I came up with a very basic design on the fly, it's just three layers, gaussian blur, and some text. Pretty basic, so I plan on tweaking it some tomorrow and then adding it to the show.
This is just one of the many (many!) action shots that her parent's got over the season last year. It's my favorite.
We had a great weekend and really enjoyed the weather today. We practiced t-ball with Ryan, who has officially been drafted by the Mets. He's four, so we are thrilled. :)
I will definitely be creating a baseball card for him when he gets his uniform this week.
Back to work now!


Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 10 anniversary celebration of Wesley Woods Newnan Peachtree-City. I was honored to create a show that was watched in their auditorium as part of the festivities.

There were roughly 300 photos, most of which were scanned, but I think this one is probably my favorite of their campus. It really is a beautiful place.

We are trying to recover from the flu, so I did not get to go to the party, but I got a phone call this afternoon saying that they enjoyed it.

I had a lot of fun creating it and really appreciate the oppurtunity.



Still working on Big Project. Making sure to take time to laugh with the boys. Here's a shot of my oldest one, doing what he loves the most at 1:00 every day. Watching The Upside Down Show on Noggin.

It's the simple things. :)


Snow Day--Hoping for at least one more...

Just a quick one put together after our "snow event" here in the south. Most of the photos were taken by me, with the really good close-up shots taken by Anissa's super camera. :) It was so cold that day, that I could only take a photo or two before my lens would start to fog up. Plus, I didn't want it to get wet. Even if it's only a Canon Powershot! (SD600)